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contrast through our campaign and the incumbent. >> stark saying i went to washington by running against an unpopular war and for women's rights, and dig nitty foreseeners i leave knowing landscapes have changed. i am happy to be of assistance in the future. >> have you heard from stark today? >> we have not heard from him. he know how's to get a hold of us and wish him well. >> stallwell heads to washington for orientation, sworn in january 3. >> and more election measure a in santa clara taxes will raise tax there, sales tax in san dayo will go up half a percent. marin county voters passed a nine year quarter cent sales tax increase targeting parks and open space. albany and half moon bay approved increases as well. >> substantially colder out there. >> interesting, measure r, for rain. here is a live view from our east bay camera. looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies. in the bay area now we'll see an increase in clouds in areas overnight. we can see low and high clouds north. moisture off shore. precipitation being reported in immediate bay area now. it's moving in our direction.
. the outcome of the last washington skins home game predicted the winner correctly of 17 out of 18 elections if the redskins win, incumbent party wins. so sunday, redskins will host panther who's have the worst record in football. redskins are three and five. >> still to come a technique changing the lives of breast cancer survivors.. >> helping them l ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. >>> police in fairfield looking for a couple raiding mailboxes. a neighborhood watch group provided this video of a man and woman checking boxes on the streets. wash them, they've hit half a dozen homes. police say one usually drives and the other takes the letters so don't leave outgoing mail in your box. make sure you pick up the mail promptly. >> a technique is changing the lives of tho
tracking poll from abc news and washington post. abc 7 news political reporter is live at the campaign head quarters in chicago tonight. we're here in chicago is obama country about as blue as bay area here. so makes sense this is where the president will spend tomorrow fight. today he had important places to be. the president started his last day on the catch yain in wis wisms a huge crowd estimated 18,000 cheered him on. >> you know i'll fight for you as hard as i know how. you know that will happen. >> the crucial state is ohio. he and mitt romney in columbus today. the president will finish up tonight in iowa. he started his first campaign four years ago. >> we know we've got more work to do. >> for mitt romney it's a win in florida, virginia and ohio. he needs to sweep all three. he will finish up tomorrow, watching returns in boston. >> do you want real change? >> president obama will be here in chicago tomorrow night workers preparing a hall that will hold as many as 18,000. four years ago we were in grant park. >> big stage said up. >> marty williams flew out hoping to see another q
. >> there is more still to come here tonight. just ahead a search for common ground in washington. can two parties stop wick going over the cliff? >> tonight three inmates may soon be walking the streets once again thanks to california voters. ÷x#?fther half hour >>> election is over but there is little time to celebrate. the country heading for another crisis. awbc 7 sus snus here now with the booming -- looming financial cliff. >> in attempting to deal with its deficit congress put into place these spending cuts that killwill kick in at the end of the year. cuts could force the economy back into a recession. so called fiscal cliff looming at the end of the year, leaders from both parties say they're working together. >> and i'm confident that he and i. >> compromise is not a dirty word. >> if congress fails to act on a deal, automatic spending cuts and tax increases will take affect costing average american household about $3700. >> that would imperil the economy. saying both sides put off working on a deal until after the election there. is little time to findizñ a compromise. >> i think in t
-founder of oakland organic mushroom company called back to the roots. >> in washington, d.c. there is going to be-to-have to be things that are cut to provide stories for them to take back as proof. why this is important for small businesses to be the last things cut. they're the fabric of the country and economy. so want to stress that to them. how important this has been for us and others too. >> he admits the small business benefited from incentive programs. now they have 31 employees. >> new jersey governor says super storm sandy caused $37 billion in damage to his state saying 30,000 homes or businesses were destroyed or sustained damage. he's requesting $37 billion from the federal government. >> and a new un climate change report out says sea level could be prizing -- rising faster than thought. that is especially troubling for those of us living and working near the edge of the bay. and more on the flooding dangers that could be around the corner. >> at high tide this submerged staircase is an erie reminder of the inches separating dry land from water. in 2008 bay waters flooded streets a
to break free from being the bad guy. >> denzel washington's flight soared to a $25 million debut. argo is in third place. the man with the iron fist is in fourth, and taken 2 wraps up the top five films. >> now to an unusual use for spare change. a pennsylvania woman used it to create a floor at her coffee shop. it took 250,000 pennies and about 300 hours over three weeks to cover the entire floor. the owner says the pennies were a lot cheaper than actually having to buy tile. looks kind of cool, though. >> mike: don't want to use the pennies for anything else anymore. >> ama: that's it for us. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser, mike shumann, thank you for joining us, download or new alarm clack app at the apple store. captioned by closed captioning services inc. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
and cuts and revenue. >> when she returns to washington, she'll be facing a house of representatives still led by republicans who continue to dig their heals in against raising taxes on the wealthy. >> the american people have spoken. the president made tax fairness a center pee -- center northeastpiece of his campaign. >> a sentiment he can bowed by the governor. >> our correct as nation that can govern itself is on the chopping block, and, yes, cuts going forward of certain commitments, that has to be addressed and so also revenue, and revenue means taxes. >> brown championed proposition 30. it passed last week and will raise $6 million a year by slightly hiking sales taxes and raising income taxes on high-wage earners. >> i can tell you in california, you can always cut schools and universities so much, and people say, enough already. and that's exactly what they said on election night. >> what has changed since election day is that politicians are now saying they do want to work together to fix the fiscal cliff. what has not changed are the positions republicans and democrats are takin
an oakland based nonprofit youth program are in washington, dc to receive a press steamous award from first lady michelle obama. it is the arts arts and humanits youth program. they serve young adults with 0's going on to college. >> teach you how to produce video, music production, and broadcast journalism, and through those skills, we put young people on a career path and a path towards success. >> the awards ceremony takes place 8:00 our time tomorrow morning. >> today saw the launch of the nintendo wiiu. >>> it's designed to appeal to both the casual audience and the hard-core gamers. one new owner wanted to break the seal and start playing. >> the first console, the next generation of consoles, so i'm happy to have it. and ready to play some mario on it. >> ama: it's been six years since the last major video game system was launched. since then video game sales have dropped a quarter billion dollars a month as people turn to iphones and ipads. >> not all of the expected entertainment features will be available. nintendo's new service which promises to incorporate tv and sports, woken b
in washington tonight over the sudden resignation of cia director david petraeus. the retired four star general stepped down after admitting he had an extramarital affair. officials say it was uncovered during an fbi investigation reports say agents discovered broadwell improperly gained access to petraeus's exmail and may have accessed classified information. petraeus told the president of the affair and offered to resign. the white house says the president accepted that resignation after taking the night to think it over this resignation disappointed dianne feinstein saying in ãíi understand and respect the decision. also today the head of lockheed martin was forced to resign over what the company described as a close personal relationship with a suborder knit employee. >> around the country thousands will spend veteran's day sunday waiting to see if the department of veterans affairs will grant them their disability claims. tonight finding many will be unfair+[;" denied because of railroads made by the va. >> i knew it. >> the department of veterans affairs denied the claim for post trauma
fiscal cliff after a selloff, markets closed nearly flat today. investors not convinced washington can avoid increases barkry cut its targets for the k and p 500. jc penny stock down graded today, the price falling nearly 13%. international energy agency says the united states will replace saudi arabia as the top oil producing nation in about eight years, energy self sufficiency should occur around 2035. >> when you go to buy a car there is one thing almost certain. few economy is a major deciding factor for 97% of the customer as cording to a study by ford motor company. now, with regulations and rising gas prices, abc 7 news what a look at the changing face. i'm about to test drive the ford c max energy. >> it's a great in between in terms mf a hybrid you have capabilities to do do both. >> with 20 mile range on battery or over 600 at gas tank, the car decide chz to use. >> so did you notice the difference there sf. >> you can push a button to go all electric. at $30,000 ford claims it pays for itself getting electric equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. >> we're the first to break th
of the fortune. analysts had several encounter was mcafee in silicon valley. he spoke by phone in washington, d.c.. >> he had been a strange person. no clue what his future life would be. >> people when know mcafee say he's increasingly erratic and violent. in this video he talked about his arrest in belize on charges of drug making and possessing unlicensed guns. he told wired he had nothing >> i thought it was someone searching for me. >> the very latest from wired is that mcafee altered his appearance and mcafee saying he's not going to turn himself in to police he says many people die in their custody. >> thank you. >> san francisco based travel company air b and b relies on a community of users and new services should expand the reach in the tourism industry. abc 7 news explains the impact of the growth on the city. it began four years ago. christina rents out a room to international visitors about 100 in the past two years. she showcases her place on air b and b. this tourism is being brought >> interesting. you've tried it. >> lots of people use it. >> interesting. >> you don't want to g
from tacoma, washington... ...a 3rd-grade teacher ts -- from new york, new york... ...and a high-school chemistry teacher from charlottesville, virginia... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome, everyone. it's the middle of the week, but it's also the first of our three semifinal games. these are sudden-victory games. only the winner gets to come back to play on monday and tuesday of next week for $100,000.
washington led at the half. cowboys make a game of it. tony romo through for 441 yards. they would get no closer, both teams are five and six. sue is known as dirtiest player in the league. he delivers a kick to the join of mat shaub no, penalty was called there. former cal running back takes hand off appearing to be down. no whistle is blown. he keeps ongoing for a touchdown. take a look. touches the ground the place should be reversed. the challenge flag after bonl teams missed game winning field goals a connection of 32 yards down. big bone game marched today when san jose high lineman suffered a neck injury. he did have movement.<23z another big crowd filled stands for this thanksgiving day tradition. san jose came in undefeated but the game belonged to lincoln. christopher or the yez takes a hand off. he's off to /[÷ races a 66 yard score. and 89th nl turkey day game lincoln jumps out early. he will go all the way. misled and mustangs score. lincoln with a one point lead. bear was a last chance. so let the celebration begin. >> go along with the main dish of football, we serve up
issues involving evidence. the trial doesn't start until next year. >> to washington. congress and the president are no closer to a deal to avoid masigs, tax increases in spending cuts that so called fiscal cliff. the senate top rbi republican says the president is back on the trail instead of sitting down with lawmakers to negotiate a settlement. the president met with small business owners to built support for the aproich. tomorrow, meeting with middle class families. the president wants higher taxes for the wealthy. and un ambassador susan rice went to capitol hill to meet with republican senators. she's high on the list to secretary of state. she's been under fire from senate republicans over the attac killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. today's meeting did not go well. >> we're doubled by many of the answers that we got. i'm more disturbed now than before. >> the republican senators stopped short of saying they'd block the nomination. they say they need more information and have more questions about the incident in benghazi. >> we're coming up o
. >> just 33 days left until the so-called fiscal cliff is reached, in washington, d.c. treasury-secretary timothy geithner is trying to get both sides to agree. republicans complain that democrats are basking in their win. >> the country doesn't need a victory lap, it needs leadership. it's time for the president and congressional democrats to tell the american people what spending cuts they are willing to make. >> nancy pelosi seen here with mexico's president-elect called out on the speaker. >> they passed a bill to extend middle income tax cuts. democrats stand ready to support it. president stands ready to sign it. why? why are you holding this up. >> president obama told boehner there is no deal unless to keep the tax rates go up for those earning more $250,000. >> 138 nations voted to granted the palestinian authority status as a non-member observer state. israel and united states voted against the controversial measure which could make it easier for the palestinian authority to pursue israel in international courts. palestinian president mahmoud abbas called it a last cha
and then went across northern california, oregon, washington, even to their former home in new york city? they started that in january and were wondering if they were doing that this time around. we talk to the giants management and they say probably but it is still too early to plan. right now they are just savoring the moment. line at san francisco city hall, caroline tyler, abc 7 news. >> hope they do that again. >> thanks very much. >> a lot of fans staked out their spots in the middle of the night. >> diehard fans waiting hours and hours to make sure they had a good view. laura anthony is live as well. you talk to a lot of happy fans today. >> happy, a little bit tired but got fired up ones their team took the stage here at the civic center. group that braved the cold, the rain. many were out here all night but they were surely not disappointed. they came from far and wide and came early to gather in san francisco's civic center plaza to celebrate the team that brought the world championship home. >> where are you from? >> sacramento. >> came all the way down here for this? >> yes,
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